By : best999

You will wonder every time you enter my living room, why I have an avocado tattoed on my arm, Okay today will be the day where you will know…Since I was very little I have liked to eat vegetables and try to eat the best possible, always thinking about the benefits that food can have on me, but avocado was something that I always liked but at that time there was no possibility of eating it all days, so when we could eat it at home it was like tasting paradise, there was a time when I stopped eating it for many years, but whenever I saw someone selling avocados or in a supermarket, my mouth immediately watered. After 3 years I started eating it again and from that moment on I try to eat it often and I am happy when I get a healthy avocado, since most of them sometimes appear bruised or ripen very quickly. Once I was with a friend fromthat time who is a tatto artist and between jokes and gossip I challenged myself to get a tattoo of something I liked and jokingly I told her an avocado, there we both let out a laugh, then I told her no and from that moment on the challenge, The good thing was that I beat him because I did get it tattoed and now I see that it has been a very curious tatto for the people who see it on my arm and even come to like it since I am always happy, That’s why they call it… The happy avocado!

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